V2 Concierge Testing Service & Travel Information

Aloha! Travel to and from Hawaii may seem daunting with the ever-changing rules and requirements. V2 Safe Solutions is up-to-date on the latest protocols and will guide you through the process every step of the way to ensure the best possible chance that a planned trip to Hawaii is safe and free from a 10-day self-quarantine. Additionally, we can provide approved testing to assist international travelers if testing is required by certain countries including, but not limited to: Canada, the Caribbean, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. All adults and children 5 years of age and older are subject to Hawaii testing requirements upon entry and this age for children may vary per country upon departure.

Starting at $200, the V2 Concierge will:

  1. Discuss a traveler’s specific need and provide an itinerary that satisfies the current State of Hawaii or international travel requirements
  2. Choose an appropriate COVID-19 test on the Hawaii Trusted Travel Partner list and arrange for test shipment and delivery or provide an approved PCR test for international travel
  3. Facilitate sample collection, typically provided in the comfort and convenience of your home through a telehealth platform or in person at our office
  4. Track test progress from shipping and/or sample collection to result
  5. Assist traveler with completion of travel documentation and upload of test results to Safe Travels Hawaii website for expeditious processing during screening upon arrival at any Hawaii airport or provide the necessary result report for international travel
  6. Offer guidance and optional testing upon departure to meet any travel requirements that may vary by destination

Contact us to be connected with a V2 travel and testing expert and create a customized itinerary for testing. V2 can also provide guidance and test solutions for travel in and out of other states and countries.

V2 Safe Solutions can provide guidance regarding testing requirements for travel, but it is the client’s ultimate responsibility to ensure they have taken the appropriate test at the proper time, and that they have all required documentation to travel. V2 Safe Solutions will not be held responsible for any travel delays and/or cancellations incurred by transportation provider (to include, but not limited to: air carrier, cruise line, private entities) and/or government verification procedures.

Travel Requirements for transpacific travelers

  • Negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 3 days prior to travel to Hawaii unless fully vaccinated
  • COVID-19 test must be an FDA-approved Nucleic Acid Amplification Test on the Hawaii Trusted Travel Partner list
  • Negative result must be uploaded to Safe Travels Hawaii website PRIOR to departure of Hawaii-bound flight

Travel Requirements for interisland travelers

  • Per CDC guidelines, non-United States citizens must be vaccinated to enter the United States AND must have a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 1-day prior to departure
  • Vaccinated travelers to Hawaii are NOT required to test again prior to entering Hawaii if another US destination precedes this travel
  • It is strongly recommended that vaccination proof be uploaded to Safe Travels Hawaii PRIOR to departing flight to Hawaii

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